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Hello, I’m Abby the creator behind Thinking About Gifts. Thinking About Gifts was established in Vancouver, BC in 2021. It started off by my passion for making crafts and giving my creations to family and friends.

Crystal and gemstone jewellery are my favourite things to make. I love it because of the history, legends and numerous stories behind each stone.   The use of crystal and gemstone has been an integral part of life from ancient and Biblical times to the present.

My mission is to make crystal/gemstone jewellery to enhance ones inner beauty, increase self esteem, encouragement, calmness, love, joy, and tranquility. The beautiful jewellery is handmade by me using beautiful crystals and gemstones with the hope that it can bring you what you need on your journey in life

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What’s In Store

Handmade necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Made with semi precious gem stones, crystals, silver and other metals.

Ammolites from Alberta, Canada

Beautiful Ammolite pieces from free form to jewellery.

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