Bracelet for anxiety, stress, clarity, focus and protection


This beautiful bracelet is made up of four crystals

Onyx – It’s a protection stone. This gemstone eliminates negative thinking. is a strength-giving stone, it assists with confidence and relieves stress.

Snowflake Obsidian- Calms and soothes – Restores a deep sense of protection and reverence – Teaches to value mistakes as well as successes – Provides balance for the body, mind and spirit – Helps to recognize and release negative thoughts and stressful mental patterns – Brings back into wholeness

Clear Quartz- It can be used to balance emotions and to find clarity. There’s an old saying that reminds us that if we don’t control our worries, they will control us – if that rings true for you, the Clear Quartz is the stone you need.

Hematite – Dissolves negativity – Hematite can also absorb and transmute negative energy, and it can assist you in seeing the positive side of situations.- aids spiritual grounding and balancing – boosts self-esteem, survivability, self-confidence and willpower

It’s a great bracelet for those who needed a relief for anxiety, stress, mental clarity.  As this bracelet and Crystal combination also is made to block negativity.  It’s great for Empaths.



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